The culture hub

The place where cultural ideas meet people

Our vision

The Culture Hub is a new cultural player, a producer of cultural content that tries to attract the most reliable investors in the creative industry in Romania and abroad to produce, promote and broadcast our own cultural products.

We’re office@theculturehub and we are very pleased to share with you, our experience of producing, promoting, distributing and broadcasting culture.


We curate cultural events of international appeal

  • Event/ tour production
  • Event/ tour promotion
  • Repertoire selection
  • Project management
  • Master classes led by acclaimed musicians, vocalists and conductors
  • Local culture adaptation to our events
  • Scholarships for aspiring musicians around the world
  • Access to network of international events for local orchestras

Notable events we’ve organized are :

Breakthrough media impact of hundreds of thousand of viewers.

We are confident our events will: ​

Bring people together, around unforgettable events that mark themselves as honorable missions, from a cultural standpoint, as well as a social one Educate through entertainment.

Our Services


Production video presentations youtube / facebook demo production emerging musicians classical music / theatre / dance / performing arts.


Production video presentations for youtube / facebook of festivals / events / musical and cultural projects (classical music / theatre / dance / performing arts).


A. For artists /musicians
B. For emerging musicians
C. For cultural events


a. classical music
b. Artists
c. Theater

Our belief is

We believe in the complex understanding of the musical phenomenon held as its deserving high standards.

 Our international experience in the cultural and artistic fields.

 We share immense respect for the values of universal music.

 We trust that we can create unforgettable events.

 We reached many successes together across the globe, from Asia, to Europe, to the Middle East to North America.

 Our drive and capabilities generate value and notoriety.

The Culture Hub is the place where cultural ideas meet people with initiative and become cultural events.

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